Customer Testimonial: FrugalBrothers

We are an IT security firm and we specialize in the GFI Software product line. And we work with small to mid-sized companies all over North America PCI (Payment Card Industry), compliance, HIPAA (for medical) - these require that there's audits done on organizations and they have to comply with certain safety stand for their customer data LanGuard make sure that the networks are fully patched, including third-party applications.

One of the beautiful things about LanGuard is that its very simple to deploy and to start scanning for vulnerability right away. The ability to add your computer security groups to LanGuard makes it really simple and you'll get that returned as me going for your business very very quickly. The value is keeping their networks up-to-date and fully patched and the ability to scan their network for known vulnerabilities, making sure things like open pores are closed and that no software the company doesn't want to install, is installed on it.

It gives your network administrator a lot control when it comes to safe and secure network. It keeps your network secure which keeps the bad guys out. It can cost a tremendous amount of money to fight a viral infection in your network. The tools and the forensics to fix a problem after the fact can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It's a very litigious society and where people don't always follow the rules. They're installing software that they shouldn't be or they are simply not keeping their machines adequately patched. The bad guys have found that third party software is the major attack in network security.

We had a credit union, they failed in audit and they were in trouble and they called me and we spoke about LanGuard and we were able to demonstrate to them what LanGuard could do, how to get it installed and up and running and they were able to pass their next audit. They were a small bank, not a lot of people and a part-time IT guy, I think he was also the teller as well. We helped him get up and get passed through audit with LanGuard.

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