Why buy from GFI?

We know customers are constantly bombarded with options. We also know they often buy based on brand, price, quality, or a trusted recommendation.

Creating products that deliver on all points makes us a preferred choice for the IT customers we serve, namely small to mid-sized businesses. Our success is defined in several ways: thousands of customers worldwide, hundreds of thousands of installations, millions of seats.

Rather than design products for large enterprises and adjust them to meet the needs of smaller businesses, we develop enterprise-quality solutions for companies with generally up to 1,000 users. Our products provide the necessary functionality to address your everyday IT issues. The software is easy to download, install and configure. Likewise, our hosted services offer simple sign-up and hassle-free use without contractual obligations or mandatory long-term commitments.

Enabling you to easily and effectively manage your IT infrastructure at an affordable price is our priority.


Our products use cutting-edge technology that enables administrators to quickly and successfully deal with their IT issues. The considerable recognition we have earned within the industry – often in comparison with much larger companies – is proof of our commitment to robust, quality products.


Our products are designed to integrate seamlessly with all Microsoft® operating systems and networking solutions, thereby eliminating unwanted surprises. The result is an increase in performance, and a decrease in time required for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Ease of use

Enterprise products tend to be extremely complex, and often require a dedicated IT person – or an expensive consultant – to set them up. Smaller businesses can’t exhaust their resources or time on solutions that require attention to features they don’t need – and won’t use.

Our products are designed to be installed with minimum configuration and little maintenance, saving time for the administrator to focus on high priority tasks.

We understand our customers need off-the-shelf, out-of-the-box solutions.


We save you money. We do it with competitive pricing that doesn't compromise quality, functionality or performance.

Our success stems, primarily, from the excellent reputation we enjoy among business owners and systems administrators.

Tried and tested by thousands of companies, our products are highly rated in terms of quality, performance, ease-of-use and price – the foundation on which our company was built.