Fax efficiency through automation

While faxing remains old paper fax machines should be long gone. So should the paper jams garbled faxes and the queues to get to the machine.

Faxing is still a critical document management tool and remains a big part of business today. Business in the healthcare, legal and financial services sectors know the value of faxing, do you?

While the fax may be viewed as legacy technology it is far from that, fax has moved on along with the rest the world to become fast efficient method of communication. In many countries it is still the only method of electronic communication that is legally binding and is the only way of sending compliant documents electronically. Those reasons alone make it a very valid technology. Thanks to network faxing it has never been easier or more straightforward to use fax in the day-to-day running of your business.

Network fax technology enables your employees to view, print and manage faxes right from their desktop removing the need for a dedicated fax machine. Faxes can be routed to specific people preventing them from falling into the wrong hands or being mislaid and allowing them to carry legal weight and remain compliant in regulated businesses.

You can also create an audit trail, control document tracking and storage options with automated fax. You can scale your fax solution to suit your business needs, you don't even need a phone line anymore with new cloud-based services.

In fact network faxing is getting easier and more accessible than ever before and as the technology can integrate with popular applications such as Outlook and Microsoft Word, faxing is no more difficult than a click of the mouse. If you send faxes as part of your business can you afford to ignore it?

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