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White papers

  • Faxing in a virtual environment

    Network faxing has many benefits for companies and IT staff. Understanding how faxing in a virtual environment works is extremely important when considering your deployment strategy, how to implement it, and the components required.

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  • Virtualized fax servers

    Many organizations consider hardware to provide the simplest form of faxing. Initially, this may seem true. But when you weigh the pros and cons, a virtualized fax server is likely a much better choice.

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  • HIPAA compliance

    Requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Fax server technology is a secure method of communicating. It is a simple and affordable way to assist healthcare organizations in achieving HIPAA compliance.

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  • Faxing: traditional vs. online

    Traditional faxing is causing some challenges in the push to e-records. This white paper examines the obstacles and identifies the benefits of a system that seamlessly integrates network faxing into daily healthcare communication.

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  • Save time and money

    Integrated network faxing gives your business a competitive edge. Increasing employee productivity, decreasing overhead costs by thousands of dollars, and regaining valuable time result in a more efficient operation.

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  • Faxing over an IP network

    How to benefit from fax over Internet protocol (FoIP). This technical white paper gives an introduction to FoIP, and explains its various uses and advantages, including least cost routing (LCR).

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