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FaxMaker streamlines secure online fax solutions for healthcare, banking, and manufacturing that are reliable, budget-friendly and supported.

High Trust Common Security Framework Certification badge
Fax Maker is PCI DSS Compliant
Fax Maker is HIPAA compliant for healthcare use

Online fax security

From patient data to loan agreements, your online fax security matters and breaches are costly. FaxMaker has you covered. Whether you’re in IT or on the front-line, choose a FaxMaker online fax setup that lets you send, receive and store important documents easily and securely.

Which of these 2 online fax setups works best for you?





FaxMaker on Premise

You have real or virtual servers and telephony for your fax solution.

Hardware & software cost money but it's a capital cost that pays off for you over time.

less than $7 per user/month
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FaxMaker SaaS

You don't want to manage fax servers or phone lines.

For a low price per page you have an operating budget to cover communications.

starting at $0.07 per page
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