GFI FaxMaker Online Regulations (Deutschland)

When a customer wishes to purchase a GFI FaxMaker Online Account with Fax Numbers (DID’s) it is requested from our service provider (Concord Technologies) that the customer provides the information below:

Should this not be attainable, we will accept the ID of an authorised individual provided that the authority is supported by an additional document such as a Delegation of Authority.

This decision to change the policy was undertaken to provide stability and to further minimise risk in the German market.

This enables us to assure our customers of a secure service.

The decision was made to tighten the identification and validation procedures for end-users across the services offered in Germany by adding the collection of an ID of a representative of the business subscriber. We may request such IDs in accordance with sec. 95 of TKG to ensure that subscribers are properly identified.