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Best practices with a GFI LanGuard trial

Our customers have found that following these three best practice steps greatly helped them during their trial.

Step 1: Determine the best deployment for your network

Watch this quick video to learn about GFI LanGuard deployment options

Step2: Ensure you use the correct database

  • - Built in MS Access database for testing and deployments of 10-25 nodes
  • - 25+ seats use either MS SQL Express or MS SQL (standard/enterprise)
  • - MS SQL/MS SQL Express  for deployments +100 seats*
  • - The database selection is dependent on:   network size, frequency of scans, and types of scans performed

Watch this video to learn more about how to select the best database for your environment

Step 3: Ensure your AV and Firewall solutions do not conflict with scanning

  • - View our KB article to ensure your target machines Anti-virus will not prevent GFI LanGuard from working properly
  • - Review the ports GFI LanGuard uses to ensure firewalls are configured correctly