GFI Unlimited Terms and Conditions

The GFI Unlimited Program (“GFI Unlimited”) is a unique, value driven approach to provide you with the software you need to manage your business in accordance with the terms set out below.

The licenses granted under GFI Unlimited are governed by the terms and conditions set forth in the applicable End User License Agreement located at (the “EULA”) as modified by the terms and conditions of GFI Unlimited. GFI reserves the right to modify GFI Unlimited at any time.



In order to be eligible to participate in GFI Unlimited, you must have:

Once you become a GFI Unlimited member, you must renew your subscription to the GFI Unlimited Qualifying Units in order to continue to benefit from GFI Unlimited.

3. GFI UNLIMITED SUBSCRIPTION. As a member of the GFI Unlimited Program, you are entitled to:

The examples below are provided to you for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect your actual rights under GFI Unlimited:

4. ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS. The following additional conditions apply to GFI Unlimited:

5. LICENSE SCOPE. The license to the GFI Unlimited Products will be governed at all times by the applicable EULA, as modified by these terms and conditions and will be restricted to your internal use only. All restrictions of use and limitations set forth in the applicable EULA remain in full force and effect.

6. TERM. The “Term” of the license for each GFI Unlimited Product will be the term you selected when you purchased the GFI Unlimited Qualifying Units.

7. TERMINATION. On termination or expiration of the GFI Unlimited Program, or your eligibility, or termination of a specific benefit provided from the GFI Unlimited Program membership the conditions as set in the termination Section of the applicable EULA will apply to the terminated licenses granted under GFI Unlimited. For avoidance of doubt, you must immediately stop using the GFI Unlimited Product(s) and delete or remove all copies (including backup copies) of GFI Unlimited Product(s) from your systems.

8. FEES. Provided that you have paid for the GFI Unlimited Qualifying Units, the subscription fees for the additional GFI Unlimited Products are waived during the Term. For clarity, the additional licenses and support for the GFI Unlimited Products are provided at no additional charge provided that you continue to be a member of the GFI Unlimited Program.

9. DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION NOT INCLUDED. GFI Unlimited Products may require additional professional services with respect to installation and deployment. All costs of installation and deployment will be borne by you. Should you elect to hire GFI for any installation, deployment, customization, or other professional services, any such engagement will require the execution of a separate agreement.

Last Updated: April 3, 2018.