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Enable your remote workers with a VPN

Kerio Control is one of the industry’s simplest, cost-effective and yet robust firewall, threat management and VPN choices available for SMBs. Organizations that require VPNs have at least a basic level of network complexity, and typically, some experience in managing networks and network technologies.

Kerio Control VPN


VPN with Kerio Control

Kerio Control does not create a VPN by itself. It is a firewall gateway that enables and manages connections between remote workers and your secure network. Kerio Control is available as an all-in-one hardware appliance with the software built-in, or as software that must be installed on a physical or virtual machine connected to your network. This is the version currently offered for 30-days, free.



Installing Kerio Control free for 30 days

You have three main options to install and run the 30 day free version of Kerio Control



Install and run on a VMWare virtual appliance

Installations available in Open Virtualization Format (OVF) for VMware ESX/ESXi
VMWare trial installation guide


Microsoft Hyper-V

Install and run on a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual appliance

Available as a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) for Microsoft Hyper-V
Microsoft Hyper-V trial installation guide



Install and run on an “empty” computer or server

Downloadable ISO file
Imaged onto installation media (e.g. USB drive, CD media)
Installed onto standard hardware
Software trial for empty physical machine installation guide



There is a fourth option;

if you have another vendor’s virtual appliance application (for example, Oracle), you can use that application to create an empty virtual machine, and then download the software version and install it as if it were a physical machine.


Kerio Control hardware

Hardware option

For situations outside of those described above, or for less do-it-yourself, you can engage a partner to install Kerio Control and/or choose to purchase a Kerio Control physical appliance. These appliances come pre-loaded with the software, plug into your network and the internet, and are easily configurable.

How to install and manage