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How to move GFI LanGuard to a new server and retain current configurations

To migrate GFI LanGuard to a new machine and retain previous configuration settings:

1. Export the console settings:
  • In the Main Menu choose  File Import and Export Configurations...User-added image
  • Navigate through the wizard to export all the configuration items to a file.
2. Install GFI LanGuard on the new machine.

3. In the console of the new installation of GFI LanGuard, import the previously backed up / exported configuration file (use instructions found in Step 1 to locate the Import and Export Configurations... menu)

4. Copy the following file from the old installation to the new installation replacing the new installation's file:
C:\Program Files (x86)\GFI\Languard 12 Agent\crmini.xml
Note: This file contains the Installation ID which is referenced in queries of the database backend.

5. Connect to the same SQL Server backend. If the SQL database is on the original installation and you want to move it to the new installation, you might need to install MS SQL Server on the new installation and move the existing database to the new server.mov You can use the procedures described here to move the database.
Note: The SQL backend database contains the majority of the configuration information.

6. On the new GFI LanGuard instance, verify Antivirus exclusions as noted here

7. If you intend to use the Repository present on the old GFI LanGuard instance, it may be necessary to copy the Repository directory to the new instance.