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Case studies and testimonials - GFI WebMonitor

  • FrugalBrothers Software

    left quoteThere is also the ability to easily put users into various groups by department, allowing them access to sites and services that others don’t have.right quote
    Bruce Naylor Read the full case study
  • Youmex

    left quoteThe products are working almost alone and don’t need a lot of time to monitor. Our IT is safe.right quote
    Lars Jakubowski Read the full case study
  • Hopkins Homes Ltd

    Once (GFI WebMonitor was) installed, results were immediate. Internet bandwidth/traffic decreased immediately.
    John Painter Read the full case study
  • Karnet Broadband Satellite Solutions

    You have done a very good job in making such excellent software.
    Karim Khowaja
  • Notre Dame Regional Secondary School

    There's no other way to get such a snapshot in what's essentially real-time.
    Peter Vogel