Disclaimers and other Email Management tools

With GFI MailEssentials, you can add company-wide disclaimers to the top or bottom of an email. Text and HTML formats are supported. You can include fields and variables to personalize the disclaimer. You can even create multiple disclaimers and associate them with a user, group or domain.

The GFI MailEssentials list server offers an easy way to implement an opt-in email discussion list with automated subscribe and unsubscribe links. Similarly, it enables email newsletter distribution with equal ease.It integrates with Microsoft Exchange and can use Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server as the backend for its subscriber list.

The email monitoring feature enables you to keep the central store of the email communications for a particular person or department by configuring their email to be copied to an email address. These emails can then be stored in Exchange or Outlook also making it possible to search within them.

The POP2Exchange feature in GFI MailEssentials gives companies using external POP3 email accounts a practical way to receive emails without the need for a dedicated email server.

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