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Webconsole met rapportage

The GFI LanGuard web based reporting interface provides you with:

Easy remote access: Access the web-based user interface over a secure (https) connection supported by all major browsers in order to view product dashboards (and data), statuses and reports.

Centralized reporting: Customers with large networks can install multiple GFI LanGuard instances (sites) and one web console that provides centralized view and aggregated reporting across all instances.

Improved scalability: The new web based reporting interface has been tested with a database of around 60k nodes!

User roles and permissions: The new web console integrates with Active Directory users for credentials and authentication meaning customers can configure users' access to each site through AD. Users can have read only (auditors) or full rights (admins) for each site.

Concurrent access: This will allow multiple users to use the web console at the same time while allowing multiple IT admins to report on different parts of the network in parallel.

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