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White papers

  • Need for event management

    Challenges, strategies and solutions for effective event management. Event log management is a concept that, due to its simplicity, IT administrators often overlook. However, logs are among the most important aspects in computer systems management.

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  • PCI DSS compliance

    This white paper provides GFI's understanding of payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) requirements. It also explains how GFI LanGuard®, GFI EventsManager and GFI EndPointSecurity™ can assist you in achieving PCI compliance.

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  • SharePoint event collection

    Configuring SharePoint event collection with LOGbinder SP and GFI EventsManager. Integrating GFI EventsManager for collecting Microsoft® SharePoint® audit events processed by LOGbinder SP makes the information easier to read and manage.

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  • IBM iSeries event collection

    Configuring IBM iSeries event collection with Audit and GFI EventsManager. Discover how to configure and use GFI EventsManager for collecting IBM iSeries (formerly AS/400) audit events through Audit, a software tool developed by Raz-Lee Security.

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  • Need for security event log monitoring

    Use GFI EventsManager for intrusion detection and security event log auditing. This white paper explains why network-wide monitoring of security event logs is needed, and how GFI EventsManager makes it possible.

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