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Videos - Exinda Network Orchestrator

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Product Demos

Duration: 2:11

In this introduction to how Exinda helps you manage your network, learn how you can:

  • Recognize traffic from recreational apps & control them
  • Identify potential security issues
  • Share network performance issues with others in your organization.

Duration: 2:21

This introductory Exinda demo shows you how to:

  • Understand what’s consuming inbound and outbound bandwidth
  • See the effectiveness of prioritizing key applications
  • Drill down to detail on application network usage.

Duration: 1:59

In this introduction to Exinda Network Orchestrator, learn how you can:

  • Analyze traffic on your network
  • Identify potential bandwidth issues
  • Prioritize mission-critical applications using Policies

Duration: 2:03

See key Exinda benefits including:

  • Identify what applications matter most
  • Use best practices to set priorities for application traffic
  • Throttle back lower-priority apps while increasing bandwidth for high-priority applications

General videos

Duration: 5:28

See why Exinda is the ideal alternative for Symantec/Blue Coat PacketShaper. Exinda Network Orchestrator is a price comparable alternative for End-of-Life Symantec/Blue Coat PacketShaper customers.

Duration: 7:30

This demo shows how Exinda Network Orchestrator can help you with better VPN performance. This is especially important now with more employees working from home and using VPNs.

Duration: 9:39

Learn more about how Exinda offers:

  • Detailed reporting
  • Network monitoring insights
  • Better network management decisions

Duration: 3:39

Learn how Exinda Network Orchestrator can help you keep the people using the important applications on your network happy and your complaint box empty

Testimonial videos

Duration: 1:50

Watch how Exinda helped Westminster improve online testing experiences and squash social media disruptions.

Duration: 1:38

Watch how Exinda helped UMass Dartmouth guarantee performance of ERP applications and control Netflix streaming.

Webinar videos

Duration: 37:14

Portage Township Schools shares tips on how to ensure exceptional experiences for critical learning apps and how to limit the impact of recreational traffic like P2P, online gaming and streaming.

Duration: 39:25

Learn how Exinda Network Orchestrator can help you Ensure a high-quality user experience, and:

  • Understand what applications are in use on your network
  • Prioritize bandwidth, so critical apps perform reliably and consistently
  • Prevent unsanctioned or non-critical apps from stealing precious resources