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White papers - GFI MailEssentials

  • Increase your Internet immunity!

    The Internet is both a valuable resource and a dangerous place: Its open nature provides many benefits to the well-intentioned people using it, but also serves as a breeding ground for malicious activity.

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  • 10 things you must do about email security right now!

    Email is a constant. Email is everywhere. Billions of messages are sent each month, and countless hundreds are received every week, often every day by your end users. And each of these missives could be a vector of attack, a container of malware, or a way to destroy your company’s very business.

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  • Email security

    Hosted or on-premise? When it comes to ensuring company email remains secure and reliable, you can place the security resource within the confines of the business network, or move security off-site and into the cloud.

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  • Blocking NDR spam

    Many organizations have been victims of non-delivery report (NDR) spam. This white paper provides a technical explanation of NDR spam and recommends solutions for preventing or limiting exposure to this unsolicited email.

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  • Messaging and web security

    Best practices for 2011 and beyond. An Osterman Research survey conducted in January 2011 found that decision-makers and influencers are decidedly pessimistic about the future of spam and malware problems.

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