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How to backup and restore the GFI WebMonitor Configuration (ISA/TMG version)

To backup the GFI WebMonitor (ISA/TMG version) Configuration, make a backup of the following GFI WebMonitor Configuration files:

GFI WebMonitor 2012 R2 (20120831) Onwards

As of this release, a new Import and Restore tool has been included.

Please follow this article for the full procedure.

GFI WebMonitor 2012 and 2013

  • GFI\WebMonitor\Interface\App_Data\configuration.db
  • GFI\WebMonitor\Interface\App_Data\quarantine.db
  • GFI\WebMonitor\Data\WEBMON.FDB

GFI WebMonitor 2011

  • GFI\WebMonitor\Interface\App_Data\configuration.db
  • GFI\WebMonitor\Interface\App_Data\quarantine.db
  • GFI\WebMonitor\Interface\App_Data\WMONHISTORY.FDB
Note: GFI WebMonitor 2011, Service Release 3 (build 20110920 and later) has a different configuration.db structure than previous GFI WebMonitor 2011 builds.  Therefore, you cannot restore a configuration.db file from GFI WebMonitor 2011, builds prior to build 20110920, directly into 20110920 and later builds.  If you need to do this, please contact technical support
GFI WebMonitor 2009

  • GFI\WebMonitor\Interface\App_Data\avapicfg.mdb
  • GFI\WebMonitor\Interface\App_Data\configuration.db
  • GFI\WebMonitor\Interface\App_Data\wmhistory*.db
  • GFI\WebMonitor\Interface\App_Data\wmaction*.db
  • GFI\WebMonitor\Interface\App_Data\quarantine.db
  • GFI\WebMonitor\WebMonCfg.TXT
  • GFI\WebMonitor\LiveRules.txt
To Restore the GFI WebMonitor configuration, follow the following procedure:
  1. Stop the following services from the services console: 
    • GFI WebMonitor 
    • GFI WebMonitor Attendant Service (2011 only)
    • GFI WebMonitor Core Service (2012 and 2013only)
  2. Microsoft Firewall (Note: this will break all connections)
  3. Copy and replace the GFI WebMonitor configuration files listed above
  4. Start the services listed above
Notes: This procedure can be used when implementing a CARP installation of GFI WebMonitor (ISA/TMG only). This will ensure that the various installations of GFI WebMonitor running in the CARP array have identical configurations.

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